Post your Grails! (what yoyos you want)

I remember when this edition got somehow knocked off on Alibaba or an equivalent. I think Drew was oddly proud.

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There’s no yoyo in the world I want more than this one.

I saw this tease on Instagram and nearly fainted.


Haha I saw that and had to think for a while if tilderness was actually a word😂

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It is now, lol

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I’ve always been a huge fan of the barracuda and this is the one I’ve always looked for and never found. I’d totally buy the knock off one too lol.

I’m still after a Hatrick. A holy grail would be the Carl Sagan Hatrick from the 10th anniversary run. I had just started throwing when those launched and I wasn’t about to pay over 40 bucks for any yo-yo. Oh how that’s changed. And oh how I wish I’d picked up a Hatrick and a 5kqv….

Any SE Anti Yo would be amazing.

Spyy El Ranchero. Such an amazing looking throw.