Post Your Battlestation!

(Evan Landreneau) #22

Oh. There was a yoyo on it so I thought he printed yoyos.

(Joshua) #23


We did not say “post pics of your mad science lah-bor-oh-tohr-ey”


I feel like this is a picture out of an ‘I-Spy’ book.

(Joshua) #26

The farther I backed up the more wild it got. I spy with my little eye something silver.

(Emmett H. ) #27

Either the Yoyo, the watch, or… That dank Grinderrrrrrr👌🏽

(Joshua) #28

I can’t find the watch. :joy:

(Emmett H. ) #29

On the far left keys of the piano :ok_hand:t4:


Who knew Mozart had a Bat-Cave?


New keeb came in Friday: GK64 with Gateron browns. It’s funny how this thing weighs like twice as much as my full-sized.

(Joshua) #32

I’ve been looking for this since 1992

(Joshua) #33

Is he gold throw a Chief?


That it is.

7th (or 8th, idr) run Chief. Mint condish. If anyone is interested in buying :stuck_out_tongue:

(Joshua) #35

Bro! I watched your work on the colorway catalogue for clyw- that one boring day you made tracks that are not anywhere else. I still use your work to go off of some of my ID’s and drop dates. Love bro :heart: