Post Canadian Nationals: Elysian

So I picked up an Elysian long before y’all, so I guess it kinda grew on me.

Feel free to post some feedback on how I did.

A couple o’ suggestions: try to keep the camera centered. I noticed the view was sometimes too high and sometimes too low. Another thing, the combo starting at 1:38 I feel had a lot of useless elements in it (like putting the string around your arm and not doing anything with that string). There were a few moments where you looked like you were struggling to land the tricks; it would be nice if you could clean that up. But it was still a nice video, so good job. Btw, how’s the yoyo?

Thanks for the pointers, I filmed it in my room, and was pretty hard to make an impromptu tripod. And about the tricks I struggled to hit, it took me forever to hit them, the filming portion took me about 3 hr. Its very humid where I live… The Elysian is really good, I used it stock, and is very good that way, but I’d imagine itd be better with a center trac. I bought it for $70 but I would easily pay 120 for one

I always make sure to have practiced all the tricks for a video extensively before I record. If you feel uncomfortable with a trick save it for a future video. If you have trouble landing it consistently don’t film it. It will look better when your in total control. I think it’s best to do only what you feel comfortable with.

Yes,I know, is was hitting those tricks nonstop the day before, I guess I was just having an off day, and I wouldn’t have time to film anything else for a week or so.

If you’re having a bad day, don’t film. If you don’t have adequate time to film, wait. If you don’t want to wait, plan ahead. If things don’t go as planned, adapt. There really isn’t a need to rush videos. No one is going to feel bad if you release a video on Sunday instead of Saturday. When the proper time is put into a video they come out better.

(I’m just trying to be helpful. This is constructive criticism. I hope I don’t come off as ranting.)