Post a trick thread!

Wake up at 4am on a Saturday should be illegal, then proceeded to play yoyo for something like 12 hours and then recorded this new little trick, hope you like it :yo-yo::heart:


Another combo I created last week, this time using the Durendal from ZGRT, hope you like it guys, when the good season comes up I will finally film outside in nice spots!


Trying to play a bit faster. I think I’m gonna shorten my string some more, I’ve got way more string than I need.




Great flow and combo Mable, is this a combo you made? I do love string combos a lot and want to make more of them.
I recently shortened the string as well (around middle of my belly button) and not only I noticed I do get so much more control on my tricks but is also way easier to land slacks and whips as the string goes faster and more controlled, it helped also my flow to become smoother and “all together”, it also helps on the horizontal tricks as you don’ t need to wrap string around your throw hand, until now a total win compared when I used string long from my sternum!

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Motion matte finish is impressive for grinds.

Using Accelerated


The first half is mine and the second half is Ayumu Kasuga. I like the idea of having a speed combo that looks a bit more technical than just another kamikaze-centric rail combo (which is what my current practiced speed combo is). Although I still just need to practice everything a lot more to actually get it looking fast and smooth.

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So good!

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Still working on my horizontal. One small trick at a time just like with regular 1a


This might be cool if I could do it cleaner