Post a trick thread!

Super nice! Looking forward to your upcoming video!

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took me a literal 4 hours to land on top of the two days it took to learn the trick…my arms are tired and my back is sore but it was absolutely worth it

(one make is enough for me)


All nice and sick, full of paracetamol, there we go a new combo with some weird passages and some ideas for a new full edit video this time with the Durendal still from the dear Zero Gravity and this time also with the official t-shirt :heart_eyes:


Not a whole trick but more like a little binding element. I like the bouncy effect at the end.


Sorry for the bad quality. I‘m still trying to figure out how to upload videos the best way.


Upload to Imgur first, then link it here - As long as it’s under 50s-1min i think.

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Thanks @suspense for your suggestion. I‘ll check it out :+1:t5:

I just upload videos to youtube as “unlisted”, wont show up publicly but works fine for sharing here

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Here’s a little trick I came up with in honor of the show I got to work on at the end of last year: Shape Island(now streaming on Apple TV+!!)