Post a trick thread!

Whip into 1.5 from breakaway, then 3x from a trapeze (which is pretty easy tbh).


At the very last minute I was asked to give a yoyo demo at our recent distributors meeting in Amsterdam, a 6 hour day going over new marketing directions, some forecasting, and technical information. I had just finished giving an hour long technical presentation about our loudspeakers and new software, and we were breaking for lunch. Out of nowhere our VP of international sales pulls me back to the front and says something about how I’m going to do a demonstration lol. Had to run down to my briefcase to grab a yoyo, and then this happened.

Afterwords during lunch, 3 of my distributors asked me what yoyos to buy for their kids, and 2 of them bought some on the spot! I recommended the Magicyoyo V3 cuz its such a good yoyo to start with and grow with, and magicyoyo gives back to the community with contest and player sponsorships everywhere.

I couldn’t believe that I landed my tricks smooth lol. It was my first time yoyoing in front of people like that, I was nervous lol


Hahah!!! Niceee!!!

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Hello my friends this is the new combo of the week, some stringy jumping combo, hope you like it. :yo-yo:
I had to move some stuff around and change the angle from my usual kitchen, what do you think about this new one? If you like it I can keep it or then go back to the kitchen, still experimenting with angles and camera!
Much love :heart:


New angle works well imo. I like that it’s a little bit more personal and I didn’t have any problem with visibility like it’s still very easy to see the string. Another nice trick also! Nice work!

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Thanks a lot Henry, yes I like this background a bit more, it seems more “warm” and less aseptic, I will try to play maybe with some lights to make it look better and thanks a lot for the compliments mate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yo happy thanksgiving Americans !


Newish elements


I’ve been working on the upside down Boingies that @DocPop showcased a few weeks back.
These are mind boggingly hard to do right.

In the upside down position the boing period is much shorter so the TH movement has to accelerate within a very short timeframe to the right frequency. That one really is a tough nut.

I’m nowhere near a status that I would file off as “in the bag” with this trick. It always looks rushed. Maybe I need a longer string for this, but this has to work with “my” string length as well…


Looks good. Longer string might help a little, but you should be able to slow it down with more practice. It was a frustrating trick for me too. When I first thought of the variation, I couldn’t hit it at all. So I took a year off from it, but tried again and got closer. That kept going until I finally started getting smooth at it earlier this year. So it took me years to get it where I have it now, but I’m still trying to smooth it out and slow it down.

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That puts things into perspective. :sweat_smile:

I found that starting the upside down Boings directly is a lot easier and yields slower and more consistent results. It’s that switch from normal to flipped with that frequency change that is so darn difficult to really master.

we have some fun


Hello friends, this is the new combo of the week a mix of different styles and elements, always trying to experiment some new stuff, also in the new background, still have to work to understand how to get the better angle, in the meanwhile hope you like it, many more to come :heart:


I have a trick to share. New to this thread.

Enjoy some Fixed Möbius! Happy fixed axle Friday!


Double Arm Trapeze :exploding_head:


Using Brexia


I finally hit this 5-on-beesting!!! Been trying for a couple months now. I think it’s a x5 beesting anyways. Not sure on the rules but the yo “stings” 5 times before the catch. What do you think? Either way i’m very hyped on it!


This is something around my 2 year mark of throwing four months ago

Throw forever!!