Possible New Manufacturer



I think 3 and 4 are the best(all of them look great ;)). 3 should be a plastic yoyo and 4 should be metal.

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I’m sure he said he’s making them metals…


yup all metals


I buy a yoyo if it looks cool or has sick colors.


Have you done any calculations relating to weight? The rims look way to beefy and the walls are huge.

Also, I’d recommend putting in a screw hole into your design, because where you design your axle to be, may confuse a machinist, because when putting that onto a lathe, it will cut that hole if not design to be tapped.


#4 :slight_smile: I love the shape. Good luck!


hey everyone thanks for the input. unfortunately the machine time currently doesn’t exist. all the lathes in the shop are currently booked with aerospace related jobs so there is no time for yoyos for at least two months.

and Gizzyo, I am a Machinist. read the rest of the thread before you jump on the post button. every question you had was already answered on precious pages.




I understand your a machinist, but I’ve had experience too. Check the weight on your half if it is given on your CAD program if you use one. Knowing the density of aluminum the rims of all of those are way to thick. Unless you are looking for something heavy, heavy. Just saving you time.


i’ve used this program for weight sensitive applications for 3 years. its accurate to +/- 3oz on parts that weight 20 pounds. i’ve also used it on small part applications that had a total weight of 22.6 grams and had to be +/- .2 grams. the smaller the part, the more accurate the calculation. and yoyos are small parts.

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No, that’s the right amount of material for the weight. Look at this picture (Not mine!). The One drop project has about the same amount of material. I may also be an illusion from only showing half a cutaway.


Man, props on these! They all have some real potential as far as design goes… if you ever sell i’ll buy.


hey man, I’m new here. but those look awesome! i would defiantly buy those. but i had a few questions. i would like to do something like this. i think designing yo-yos would be the coolest thing possible. i do 3d work in blender, and have designed a few yo-yos. but unfortunately i don’t have the machinery/equipment to make them myself. is there any like company/ manufacturer that i could send the 3d models to that could make them for me for a relatively cheap price? try to answer :slight_smile:


Have you started making them? I might buy one depending on the price and I could test it at the same time.


8 weeks guys. i should start official making some chips in 8 weeks. and there is no such thing as cheap prototyping unless your doing it yourself. I gave someone some shop names awhile ago and the cheapest quote he got was in the ballpark of 275$



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Isn’t it cheaper if you make more? Great that you followed through on this.

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Making a bunch for the prototypes isn’t really an ideal way to spend money. One is enough. Play it, pass it around, collect feedback, then determine if there should be another prototype or move onto production.

Better to make one at $275 than a tiny run at a slightly better price break per unit(if any price break) for what are essentially identical prototypes. One is enough.

With numbers like that, you can see why the costs can stay high. Some designs may go through many prototypes before getting things “perfect”.

I hope the guy doing a yoyo design for his school project is reading this thread.


I love your designs! Im really excited to see a prototype in the coming months. I hope everything works out for you and you can at least make a throw that meets your standards, if it turns out it wont go to production :).

Im always looking to help out other with their projects, if you are going to make a tester list to pass it around, sign me up! I will gladly give you my input.