POPstar Bearing Help and Shim Advice

The bearing on my POPstar won’t come out. I’ve tried: freezing, YYF Multi-Tool, pliers, and a Vise Grip. I think I ruined the bearing, so I’m not worried about that. Please help! Also, I’m buying shims but the description for the Dif-E-Yo wide shims say they’re 0.3 inches long! That would make a pretty large gap! So is it a mistake, or are they really that wide? Also, how durable are the YoYoJam ones, I might get those if they’re durable, because they’re cheaper than the Dif-E-Yo ones.

There are no need for shims in the POPstar. And the shims can be .3 inches LONG, but that is NOT the THICKNESS. I’m not quite sure what the thickness is (I’m too lazy to look it up) and I’m not even sure if it really IS .3 inches long.

As for the bearing, keep trying. Don’t pull, just wiggle back and forth.

It’s .3mm.

Thanks for clarifying.