Can now be found exclusively at YoYoExpert Forums…Hope I don’t get ripped-off in the BST…!
mods move this if I posted in the wrong spot…! Thanks…!

Another person to straighten out the little pups around here.
Welcome popdada san!
Kids better shape up or you gonna git it, hehe


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Uh oh.

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Don’t tell me every post here sound like it was written by a 9 year old girl too…! (I’m looking at you Elephark…)

I’m just hoping the BTS is run a little tighter…with mods that boot the criminals before they rip-off 5 or 6 people…rather than spend all their time looking for 4 letter words to delete…I’m to blame as well…I was just looking at the Trade Count…and not how many where Negative or Positive…but my last 3 deals that went south where with folk that should have been booted long before they got to me….Left a bad taste in my mouth….like Elephark’s mom….

All right, I won’t tell you.


Hahaha, nice one

Elephark was right. UH OH! Welcome brother. We do what we can here with the bst.

thanks Icthus…I knew you where a mod here… that’s why I’m here now…!
just have to take the good with the Elephark…I guess…!

haha No worries Popdada. You just have to get aquainted with the youth here.

looks like the cult of Elephark…


Just an fyi, when you get a pm there is no pop up window. You just need to look to see if you have a message by a number beside the word “message”.

YAY!!! make sure to put all of your siggy/ avatar stuff from… THE OTHER PLACE!!! i was going… “WHAT!!! HE QUIT BECAUSE OF THOSE MODS!!!” YAY! we have a new freind :smiley:

I didn’t quit because of the mods…I love some of them…I consider some good friends…some of them behave in very irrational ways…I think a lot of time was spent by some on some very petty stuff…while members…my self included where being ripped off…it seemed that when they really needed to step up… or step in…they became inactive…couldn’t make a decision… and there seemed like a lot of nepotism…Personal vendettas and too much drama…I need out …and I needed it final…like an ugly divorce….

I hope we can live up to your expectations. We’ll keep a closer eye on Elephark… :wink:

In reality we’re limited to what people tell us about scammers to a large degree. If somebody gets scammed we need them to post in the feedback section or report it to one of us. Posting in the user’s trade profile isn’t as effective in notifying us. Sometimes we get lucky cross referencing accounts and come across a new account registered by a known scammer (empasis on known). Then we can deal with it. Other than that we’re pretty much limited.

thanks…! I know it’s a Crap shoot…I felt in this case…and a few others…many where well aware of the situation…

There are “haters” here too but their just incredibly mean. Jhb8426 on the other hand, is nice even when people make huge mistakes.

jhb??? nice??? impossible 8) seriously, jhb and icthus and mrcnja are totally awesome mods. if you are nice (which you usually are) you will be accepted. although, this is even more kid freindly then YYN, so, NO DIRTY JOKES LIKE ON YYN! no, im not saying you specifically, but still, keep it in mind

I had left a remark over at the nation to the effect of “if you cant take the heat” But Pops has always been a good joe at least to me, I do feel that his gig was probably too much for “them”, Dadaism, I have always been partial to Surrealisim myself!
Good to see ya, you old Unicorn lover!

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thank you paypals…one down… one to go…!