I did not get what you just said hehe. Jhb8426 is nice and other mods and admins as I said unlike “haters”.

sigh i wish there was a way to convey sarcasm.

look at you 1slave25…! all growed up and “sig” worthy…!

LOL!! thanks!!! i love your sig BTW!!!

sigh smacks face sigh sob gave away… -_- Whatever

Wait, are you being sarcastic here?

x2 sig worthy…!


Being sarcastic about a way to convey sarcasm.


are you being sarcastic?

It’s a sig within a sig.

We need to go deeper.



No. Sarcasm appears in my life but not in this situation


so you ARE being sarcastic


Sign of 1slave25 being sarcastic right there.

please don’t turn my first thread into a lock down…1slave25 knock it off or I will un-siggy you…

knock what off? (im done) sorry, i take jokes a bit TOO far sometimes

It’s a joke, just playing around with 1slave25 yah know?

My bad…I didn’t know humor could be used on the forum…where I come from that’s frowned upon….
please gentle sir’s carry on…

really? humor is bad on YYN? i better stop attempting to be amusing on that forum :wink: