Popcorn sales

Hi there hope you are having a good day! My brother is in the cub scouts and they are selling popcorn as a fundraiser. He told me to post the link to “the internet yoyo people” and he said if he sold enough he would buy me a new yoyo😛


Define ‘enough’?

What if he sells a ton…… but he says, ‘I haven’t sold enough’?

And what kinda of yo-yo is he gonna buy for you, Dollar General?

….And why would yo-yo people be any more interested in buying popcorn than anybody else that puts food in their pie hole?

And why does he want you to do his work for him?

….Anyway, back to my original question. What does your Cub Scout friend consider to be ‘enough popcorn sales’?

And how do we know your friend isn’t a disguised extraterrestrial, raising money for the complete conquest of Earth. And to vaporize all life and turn our miserable Planet into a major Fueling Station for the Starship Master cruisers?



I’ve bought 3 boxes of popcorn from scouts this season. I think it was was the best microwave popcorn I’ve had. Super buttery and super salty.


yeah it´s really good.