PopCast interviews from the UYYC

Thanks to my awesome Patreon sponsors, I was able to fly down to STL for the United Yo-Yo Contest. I shot 6 videos while I was there and I’ll be releasing them as frequently as I can throughout the next month.

The first video is live now, it’s a chat with Neil from Reticulated Return Tops about The Burm… no wait… THE BURM! That’s better.


The 2nd UYYC interview video is up now. This one features Russell Andert, a CNC machinist from St. Louis and the founder of Dert Yo-Yos.


Thanks for taking the time to talk with me! Your the man Doc Pop!


Kind of blew my mind when I found out you designed these masterpieces on your phone.


Whoa how do you design a yo-yo on your phone? what software?


He said an AutoCAD app on his phone in the interview. Also, it just hit me that you’re one of DocPop’s patreon sponsors and he always shouts you out in his vids. And also thank you from me because his is some of my favorite yoyo content.


My reaction when Neil said “I design all my yo-yos on my phone”:


I use this app


I wish there was a YYE equivalent of giving someone Reddit gold. This is a such a cool interview a piece of insight into the man himself! I originally thought the Pop-a-Dert was a play on being a father since he has the Eli and KC Derts, but I guess opening bottles is arguably a cooler story for the name :laughing: It’s nice to see that he still makes a yoyo every now and then (as I think these were made late 2017 or early 2018… and only 8 of them!)

As for the chronology though, there were two models that predated the “original” Dert. There was a responsive wing shaped yoyo that he gave to his groomsmen and the Fatlip. I’m not sure when he got married, but the Wedding Dert (as it was referred to in a few old posts on YYN) was first. I guess if he never intended for the yoyo community to see those it makes sense he wouldn’t count it. The Fatlip, however, was sold at the 2006 Indiana State contest which is why most of the MoYo regulars never saw one (much to my chagrin as I was trying to find one).

It’s a shame Russ isn’t active outside of an occasional contest cameo. He posted from time to time on YYN but hasn’t been active online in over a decade at this point.

Derts will always be the ultimate homebrew :sunglasses:

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Wow even on the facebooks? That’s … rare.