poor yos

My vict plays great! :open_mouth:

mighty flea.

It’s a great yo-yo, but you just got to be really good to use it.

The imperial is the grandfather or yo-yos! The John’s Incredible yo-yos are great for some basic 2A I use those. The ProYo was what got me started into this thing!

I think all yo-yos are good and there are no failures. It depends on teh person’s preference.

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Ummm… well I’ve never tried one but what some people have said about the Metal Zero makes it sound pretty bad. So… Metal Zero, I guess.

IMO the flea. Novelty only.

The 888 is horrible… JK. ;D

I like any yo-yo… with a mod or two ;).

I don’t mod my yo-yo’s because I am afraid to mess it up! ;D

After messing up two or three you get better :smiley:

That’s too much, LOL!