Hi! Everyone!
I’m New To 4A!
even my forward pass is not so straight…
but i catch it!
all 4A players pls give me tips!
i have a aquarius!

and one more thing…
anyone knows how long is the sleep duration of speedmaker…
(No KK Bearing, No Mods, No Upgrades, Just the YYJ bearing originally attached in the yoyo when you buy.)

NOTE: I play 1A before i stop at Intermidiate Sec. - Spilt the atom…(cuz andre boulay teaching is fast i always rewind but i can’t follow what he says, i always mess up when he says (just look the split the atom vid). “Forward, Backward”… like that… (i only use china yoyo’s in 1A, it’s sleep i think 10 sec.?)

happy yoing!

Well, I do 4A. The only advice I have is: Once you get good at catching it on the string, dont be afraid to throw it hard. Im still a little scared to throw it, thinking I might forget to put my finger in or screw up somehow then throw it at plasma TV or something, but im pretty good at catching and throwing now. Also I recommend using an Aquarius for 4A, thats what I use. Aquarius and a Dark Magic. :slight_smile:

I love 4a! You can do this to fix it if it’s tilting…


Same rules apply to 4a. And loosen the gap a little until the string in broken it. Throwing should be like forward pass and your finger out. Throw really hard and high (OUTSIDE) and get smaller.


well, like people have said: throw up high and hard. Do thios outside.
go watch some YoYoSkills 4A tutorials on youtube. very easy to find
here is a tutorial.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAlXhdM4lw8 and here is his profile. http://www.youtube.com/user/YoYoSkills 
and here is a website.
for spilt the atom try YoYoSkills tutorials for a second view/opinion/text writing thing.
Only disadvantage to the YYS thing is you have to search the many pages to find the stuff you want.
but that is all.
hope this helps.

I suggest learning outside, and get an open space for your OS’ing. Also, try to get new string when starting.

For the SM, it depends on your throw.