Pomona, CA meetup?

I live near Pomona CA and I would like to go to a shop so I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping all the time

Only good yoyo store I know of is about an hour away on the redondo beach pier. Sunsine Kite Co. Maybe you already knew of them, but if you were interested just look them up, they have a website.

None in the area that I know of.

Anyway, where are you located? There’s about 4 throwers that I know of in the Pomona/ Diamond Bar,

area (including myself). You should get to know the rest of us!

Oh and any other 909 / 951 throwers should post here! We need to get some meets going. :smiley:

Samad Patel, Justin Tran, Jason Tran, Matt Loeun, Cameron Shafer, Ernie Kaiser, and Anthony Rojas are all in Riverside.

I would like that but I am not that good at yoyoing yet. You guys would smoke me! XD

I’m going to bump this post to see if we can get some kind of Pomona area meet going.

Yoyoing isn’t about being better it’s about being around others to help learn better tricks, my brother isn’t very good but I am still learning from him. And come on Samad, Schaefer!

So are we gunna get a meet going or what? ;D

We should talk about it a DXL.

Awesome! I am 90% sure I am going to DXL. I can’t make it until 3 though

Thats cool I will be the one with the case thats playing music.

Ok cool. If you see somebody and you think “Wow why is that chubby kid here” its probably me XD

I live on chino which is like five min away from me. Unfortunately, I’m on tour atm.

So you’re not gonna be at DXL, Alex?

Ah I just found out I can’t go :’( my Mom has something going on that night. Can we still have some kind of meetup in this area though?

I would but, Pamona is really far from Riverside. If you would come here it would make things so much easier.

I could do that. We would need to do it on a Weekend though

Thats cool.

yeah I won’t be there which sucks but will be back in September for that thing at ernies we might do, then I’m gone til Xmas so I got a lot of practice time to get better.

I live in riverside! and i really need to learn how to improve my yoyo-ing. im still at an intermediate level. but i know that i need someone who can teach me proper technique so i can improve. so please get back to me whenever. it sucks that i cant go to DXL cause i have a family reunion this weekend and i have to be there. so please let me know if any of you riverside throwers are available