Poker anyone?

Anyone here like to play poker? Specifically Texas Hold Em I guess. I did a quick search and was very surprised to find that in the forum’s 10+ year lifespan, there hasn’t been one single thread on this; I even did a quick check to see if talk of gambling or something wasn’t allowed(if it is and I missed it… my bad).

I recently got into poker over the summer(seems I find a new hobby to enjoy like once or twice a year :joy:). Nothing serious at first, mainly just free or $5 buy-in home tournaments with my friends. Been watching a lot of videos and reading articles on the game lately though and started playing in some of the cash games at my school’s club.

Was very nervous the first one or two times because I had never played in cash games before, put more than $5 on the line in one sitting, or played with people that actually knew what they were doing but I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Very nice way to unwind on the weekends after a school week.