Pokemon X/Y Friend codes. (MERGED)

Add mine and post yours here


Add me.

Does anyone know what safari type they have? I’m trying to get normal so I can get chanseys/lucky eggs.

Unfortunately, my 3DS broke earlier today. I’m either going to have to add more stuff to my BST, cancel my preorder for CoD Ghosts Prestige Edition, or not play Pokemon. :frowning:

I got lucky, and a friend of good friend of mine had a Ditto friend Safari, but I don’t know what mine is/was.

Why must you taunt me?

what type am I?

Ill post mine tomorrow

Come on, post post post!

Looking for dragon/normal.


Mine is 0044-2926-7927

Rocker kid, add me

Just did sorry i forgot

Just beat the game. Trying to stack my friend safari. Add me and post your in the thread below!

3153 4390 8658

By the way my type is electric. I come with Electrode, Hepioptile, and Zebstrika.



There have been multiple threads for this already.
But besides that, I’m looking for a ditto safari.

Anyone else? Ditto safari?

I swear when I get a 3DS I’ll kill you all.

I’d like to see you try. :smiley:

challenge accepted