Pokemon x and y battle anyone?

Would anyone like to have a pokemon battle in pokemon x/y?

I would but i cant until the update comes to fix the lumioise city save glitch i got stuck in it

Between work, packing, and getting everything in order to move, I’m only at the third gym lol. Enjoying it though, I haven’t REALLY played a pokemon game in AGES. maybe when I get a little farther we can go a few rounds.

Ouch, that must suck. :-\

Advice for those who don’t know: DO NOT SAVE IN LUMIOSE CITY! The game will freeze, and the only remedy is resetting.

I may be up for a battle once I get a team assembled. I’m trying to figure out a useful role for Goodra, because it’s my favorite Pokemon this generation (All hail lord Goomy!), and has such a great movepool. It seems like it would be a good Special Wall on a rain team, even though weather was greatly nerfed this gen.

What do you all think of the new exp share mechanics? Not a fan myself.

Makes the game much too easy. I’m probably going to reset and do a run of the game without the exp. share on. One hitting the Elite Four was very boring.

A patch for the Lumiose City glitch was issued and available on the eShop.

I heard about that happening to people

yea i havent resetted yet because i heard nintendo is coming out with a downloadable patch for it