Pokemon beginner help?


I just started playing Pokémon FireRed Version, since I found out it was possible on an iPhone. Cool stuff. Anyway, can I get some help from a beginner? Which Pokemon are best to catch for starters? I have a Bulbasoar, Caterpie, and a Pidgey. Thanks for the help! I know it’s probably bad carma to post this on a yoyo forum but Pokémon seems like something a yoyoer would like. ;D


I’d say pidgey is good starting out cuz it will still be good at higher levels, the others will tend to fall back. But if you get to say the elite four none of them are really gonna be good enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw, picachu isn’t a pokèmon.


But pikachu is :wink:


Oh wait, I thought picacu (or whatever) was for you-gi-oh! ???

Huh, its too late…


I’m curious how long it took you to find an è for your post, in addition to where you found it.

Just wanted to share thoughts on fancy letters :slight_smile:


Im on mobile, I just hold down the “E” and that option shows up, its also how I make this stuff: § å ß ê © ï ç þ ý î etc.
My fav Is: § and ð


In game you can honestly use anything so just have fun with the pokemon you like, its not until you get into competitive pvp that your choices actually matter.


Wanna know a fun fact? The accent on the “e” should actually be going the other way, which would create an “ay” sound. That’s why you’ll hear it like that in the cartoons. But in America, most people pronounce that accented “e” as “uh”, creating the American misconception of saying “pokuhmon” instead of “pokaymon”.

So Pokémon=Japanese (more correct)


Also, the accented “e” can be found by using the alt key and the number pad. It’s somewhere between 129 and 141 (I’m on the app right now, so I’m not sure).

Edit: On topic, always fight the trainers, but don’t go in the grass unless you need to. Trainers will give you much more exp than wild Pokémon will.


How do you get it for Iphone? On the topic of Pokémon, I used to be obsessed with those games, but FireRed was my least favorite.


Get an emulator and download ROM’s.


I downloaded gba4ios. I works well. I’m too lazy to post how to get it, but you should find a tutorial easily.

(Q) #13

Pidgey is the one pokemon that you want to keep. Pidgeot is boss.

Make sure you stray away from normal types ASAP, because they offer nothing in battles.


Yes, normal types have quite a few weaknesses, but normal type moves aren’t super-effective against anything. Generally, you kind of want to stay away from them (unless they have a secondary typing).


Those are some great starters. I’d recommend you alakazam, espeon, jolteon, arcanine, lapras, dragonite and the list could go on and on. I’m a pokemon junkie and could keep going but since you’re a beginner, just get the pokemon you think are cool and it shouldn’t be too hard to get through the game. Have fun!


Haha you guys are awesome. Is it bad if I am constantly losing to Prof. Oaks grandson? He beats me a lot.


Just use picachu :wink:


I also got a Clefairy and taught it Mega Punch because it did not have many nice attacks, but that thing is awesome. Oh it also just learned Double Slap, I’m trying to decide which attack is better. I like to take my Ivysaur and use leech seed, and then pull out Clefairy and put it to sleep, and get any other Pokémon and beat it to death.


I know that this is not in the correct generation, but how about Whitney’s Miltank?


Catch a geodude, bring it up really high (in levels) then beat all of them gym masters!