PNWR2011 Freestyles

Hey folks! I spent the bulk of today filming freestyles at PNRW2011. Besides a few I missed because my camera died I have all of them. Over 70 people competed in the 1A prelims. It was insane!

Any how, I’m uploading the freestyles asap and will post them in this topic as they get uploaded, it may take a few days to upload them all though.


1ST - Gentry Stein
2ND - Daniel Dietz
3RD - Zach Gormley
4TH - Charles Haycock
5TH - Grant Johnson
6TH - Sterling Quinn
7TH - Clint Armstrong
8TH - Mike Marshall
9TH - Nick Maddox
10TH - Boyd Seth
11TH - Bryan Figueroa
12TH - Michael Kurti
13TH - Ryan Lai
14TH - Gary Li
15TH - Leo Qin
16TH - Jungyo Choi
17TH - Nehemiah Peterson
18TH - Nate DeWitt
19TH - Travis Morin

1ST - Grant Johnson
2ND - Joseph Harris
3RD - Ryan Lai
4TH - Adam Bottiglia
5TH - Hugh Higinbotham
6TH - Jordan Sambueno
7TH - Jacob Jensen
8TH - Justin Vongpanya

1ST - Ryan Lai
2ND - Steven Kinder
3RD - Jacob Jensen

1ST - Bryan Figueroa
2ND - Zac Rubino
3RD - Daniel Dietz
4TH - Nick Johnson
5TH - Daniel Mizeli
6TH - Jacob Jensen
7TH - Kyle Hedges
8TH - Sterling Quinn
9TH - Anthony Martinez
10TH - Rick Cobb
11TH - Justin Vongpanya

1ST - Sterling Quinn
2ND - Charles Haycock
3RD - Kyle Hedges
4TH - Daniel Mizeli
5TH - Nick Johnson
6TH - Tye Mcclellan
7TH - Travis Morin
8TH - Clint Armstrong
9TH - Jacob Jensen
10TH - Paul Dang

Almost all of 2A is up, I’m going to quickly upload the last 3A one and then get all of the 1A freestyle ups.

Wow! Gentry well Deserved 1st Place!
It looks like he could be the Next Jensen Kimmitt! :wink:

I think I wanna have Gentry’s babies.


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If Gentry Isn’t at worlds again i will punch a squirrel the face.

gentry is like a mix of anthony rojas and jensen kimmit mushed together

gentry was a cool guy

Please post Zach’s! I want to see his FS really bad! 3rd is beast and he totally deserves it.

Dang Gentry, you’re a beast.

Oh, and I just realized, your hair kinda looks like JB.

LOL I somehow never realized Gentry was such a beast until now. Oh, and of course, Grant Johnson did awesome, his song reminded me of another good 2A player. :slight_smile:

jensen all over again…

sorry samad i already did

This is True. :wink:

what yoyo’s are grant using??

i was in front and i dont eve know

Either the New YYJ Unleashed or NXG’s

what does PWNR stand for?

Pacific North West Regionals. Its an awesome yoyo contest!

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Not true… in the slightest. Talk to Ibrahim Rahman. He’ll explain it all to you.

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Not so sure about that because it’s exactly what popped into my head when I was watching him freestyle. He has a similar stage presence.