MWR 2011 1A finals videos

Here’s most of the 1A videos from MWR.

Some problems though, I was sitting in the back and I guess Flip video cams don’t like it if the lighting is bad… sooooo quality might not be the best. Also, 15 sec of Alex Berenguel’s is missing cause my battery died and I was too slow to change it annnnnddddd I’m missing the fs of Shane Lubecker (12th) and Kevin Eulalia (6th) because I think they went right after me. I only have the 1A videos and the other ones of me… sorry if you wanted videos of the other divisions.

I had a lot of fun though… it was my first time making the finals at 1A! cool! hope you guys like it.

1st John Narum

2nd Chris Fraser

3rd Ian Johnson

4th Alex Bergenguel

5th Connor Scholten

7th Gavin Lent

8th ME! wooo

9th Kevin Yetter

10th Mick Lunzer

11th Zammy

Flip= Jordan? Man, it was awesome to have you up here for MWR. :slight_smile:

I did sooo bad for my freestyle.

yes, I am Jordan. haha

MWR was fun! and freestyle’s aren’t everything, everyone knows you’re still boss.

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