BLC 2010 Abyss Team members Videos

ME Joseph Garcia
Cameron Schaefer

Matt Loeun

James Reed prelims

James Reed finals

Luke Reed


Nice vids ;D I wish i could do all of that stuff :’(

Nice job guys :slight_smile:

I should’ve gone to the competition :frowning:

EDIT: I feel REALLY stupid. I thought the Contest was in Arizona (Don’t ask why) so I figured it was no big deal. I just found out it was in west hollywood. I live around 30 minutes away from there (I live near westchester.) I would’ve fit perfectly into the Rookie Division, and I missed a chance to get a Black BA ministar. I feel Sooooooo stupid. I need to get some fresh air. Lol.

Omg take mine off I do so bad in comp.

james is BEASTLY!!!

Ew. Take mine off. I suck.

well, if the lighting was as good as the tricks the vids would have been nice…