2011 California State Freestyles (All1A and 5A vids)

Hi guys,
I filmed all 1A and 5A freestyles at Cal-States Championship. Enjoy!

Jensen Kimmit 1A 1st:

Gentry Stein 1A 2nd:

Augie Fash 1A 3rd:

Anthony Rojas 1A 4th:

Tyler Severance 1A 5th:

Paul Ahn 1A 6th:

Kentaro Kimura 1A 7th:

Guy Wright 1A 8th:

Miguel Correa 1A 10th:

Adrien La 1A 11th:

Sam Lopez 1A 12th:

Ann Connolly 1A 13th:

Dylan Benharris 1A 14th:

Alex Hattori 1A 15th:

Mike Marshall 1A 16th:

Joseph Harris 1A 17th:

Jamie Kennedy 1A 18th:

Tyler Severance 5A 1st:

Miguel Correa 5a 2nd:

Juan Renturia 5A 3rd:

Josh Yee 5A 4th:

Dylan Benharris 5A 5th:

Michael Nakamura 5A 6th:

David Sneed 5A 7th:

Max Tripolsky 5A 8th (Me, I made a lot of mistakes, need to practice more…):

Max Tripolsky 1A Prelims 21st (Me, so close getting into finals…):

John Chow’s 1A freestyle is uploading,stay tune…
Happy Throwing! =]

John Chow’s freestyle is up!

Happy Throwing! =]

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Happy Throwing! =]