Midwest Regionals 2009 1a final freestyle videos

(~Z) #1


This is where all of them will be featured, except for Matt Eastwood as sadly I was unable to get his due to the fact they did the 1a finals instantly and I couldn’t get to the camcorder in time.

Also note, my mother is not exactly the best when it comes to recording and this was really the only spot left to sit at…so we did the best we could.

I shall try and get them all up today.


ps- for those that competed that want their prelim, just ask.


Yeah Dan!!! Congrats man! Wonder if Seth ever does competitions like you do…

(~Z) #3

Seth was infact there but he was sooo tired out. One could see it in his eyes just how exhausted he was. I assumed he stayed up wayy too late at the MWR bbq. But yeah, he does compete, infact he did Madfest as well as Minnesota states.



Whoa… are you… Daniel Deitz?


No, he is Zammy Ickler


Awwwww. His e-mail says Dan The Man.

(~Z) #7

Guess you mistook me for the better Daniel…



I was there and you were awesome Zammy!

You looked really nervous but you still did amazingly, I wish you would’ve places higher, you deserve it.


will there be youtube?

(Preston Huft) #10

Can you post the 4A freestyles? That’d be sweet. My friend Xander competed in that division.
If you’re not going to post the whole division, then would you please post Xander’s 4A fs? ;D


And 5A…

Ian and Gavin were awesome 5A, I couldn’t see Gavin very well because there was a ton of people in front of me being poops. coughPcough

(~Z) #12

I;ll be posting the finals on youtube sometime soon, both finals and prelims.

And I am sorry to say I didn’t get the 4a or 5a freestyles since of battery issues.