PM vs. post reply confusion

This isn’t much of an issue, but I’ve twice had people confuse PMs with replies to a post. Once they thought they were sending a PM, but it was public, and the other was just the opposite, that they deleted their PM because after they sent it they weren’t sure it was a PM. I see how this happens, that the PM interface is very similar to the post reply one, which is nice from a standardization issue, but apparently a little confusing. Just very minor feedback in case anyone is interested. I love the forum software.


There should be zero confusion.

If a person replies to a post; they simply hit ‘reply’… or the little curved arrow below the post… it is Red for a reason…

To PM(send a personal message; you click on the person’s: avatar, screen name or actual name to the right; if one is there.

That opens the small window with the small red envelope in the upper right corner of the box.

…note; I understand that we all take turns getting confused at many things in life.

But this particular misunderstanding has nothing to do with program design, etc. it just has to do with paying attention.

I don’t see that the PM interface is anything at all like the post reply option.

And honestly; you should know this as well as anybody on this forum.

After all; you ‘are’ Gregory-from- Earth.

Welcome to Earth…



I suspect these were both done on phones, where the interface looks more similar. I’m only reporting on two cases of confusion I’ve noticed.


I think some of the confusion might be that replies to a post and messages started from a post have similar subject lines.


Although I’m not the person in question who confused PM and Thread replies, but I think I can see where this comes from and it is easier said then done.

It’s not from when you go to reply directly by taking direct action. It’s when you get a notification pop up saying someone replied and you click on the notification to reply.

For example this is me replying to a thread

And this is me replying to a PM

As you can see they both look the same unless you pay attention to what you’re replying to


So basically; paying attention is a key element when attempting to accomplishing something?

A most excellent development in methodology.



Thanks! This shows it perfectly.



Given that confusion is the mistaking of one thing for another, I would say lapse of attention was already implied as an underlying assumption.

As this forum is probably most people’s past time to enjoy while relaxing, I guess we can’t expect everyone to be methodically giving their utmost attention everytime they reply to something. Not saying that they shouldn’t, but just wanted to point out that it is also an understandably simple mistake to make, or be confused about.

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You; my man; are a pretty fart smeller… I meant; a pretty smart feller.

Oops… I wasn’t paying attention.:scream_cat:

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No problem doc :slight_smile:

One of the great thing about this forum design is that you can edit your post when that happens.

It’s accessed by clicking on the grey pencil icon :pencil2:


Well; I’ll tell you something>>> while I was replying on my iPad; I was dictating into my iPhone XS Max while simultaneously texting on my iPhone 11 pro while watching NFL highlights and feeding squirrels on the front porch and listening to my girl talking about our order while checking my incoming mail on my other iPad Pro and checking my home phone to see if my 97 year old Dad left any messages.

I guess I forgot about the ediiiit pensul… I mean the edit pensale… hold on. The edit pencil.

Oh you mean the pencil shaped pencil.

Thanks for the suggestion

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You’re more than welcome. :slight_smile:
Thank you.


So, your main issue is that the composer is the same for post replies and pm?

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I think this is more of a Discourse problem than a YYE problem.

A topic is a topic; whether it is a PM or not is indicated by

the envelope in the topic title

the footer under the first post which lists the participants

You could do something really obnoxious like make PMs have a bright red background, but then everyone suffers.


I don’t think I have that option.
/is sad
I’d send all my PMs…well I’m sure you can guess the color I’d use! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I have no idea what could be done to make it more obvious but not obnoxious. Like I said, I don’t think it’s a big deal at all, but I thought you might have an idea for this pretty specific thing. When it came up the second time I just thought I’d let you know. Thanks for responding.
Thanks also for all you put into the software. It’s by far the best forum interface I use (not a large sample).


I guess I assumed you just taped green cellophane over all your screens and windows anyway…

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Nah. I’m not that crazy!

Instead I use one of these things! Might be a tad slow, but the beautiful screen more than makes up for that!!


Do you or did you work for Blizzard?