plsss help plsss HELP

i really need want 2 learn how to open a bearing plss so i can clean it n lube it

For future reference, please make your thread titles more clear about what it is you need help with.  Nobody is going to want to even click on the thread, let alone help you, with titles like “plsss help plsss HELP.”  A title like “Need help cleaning bearing,” or “How do you take apart bearings?” or something along those lines would have been MUCH better.

Also for future reference, you could have used the search bar located in the upper-right of every page to search for threads about how to clean bearings.  This is a topic that comes up fairly often I’d imagine.  Then you wouldn’t have to wait for replies and you wouldn’t have to get this lecture from me.

Here are two helpful videos…

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When I read ‘plsss,’ I saw ‘piss’

yea dude my yoyo is really wack right now it makes a grinding noise and and it dont even sleep long