PLEASE WATCH... Something - Joseph Kony - Koni 2012

This is a very long video, that is un yoyo related, but its something everyone needs to watch.

An overview basically, is its a program to help stop Joseph Kony, the number one criminal in the world,

He has taken over 30,000 African children and turned them into slaves, he takes the boys and makes

soldiers, also forcing them to kill their own parents. and the girls. well you can watch the video.

anyone do this yet?

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hey guys i saw this video and i really want to help spread the word to this horrific genocide so im spreading it to you guys of the yoyo community

Yes, I think Joseph Kony is a terrible person, but before you go hopping on this Invisible Children bandwagon I highly suggest taking a minute and reading through these to know just who IC really is.

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Hey kids, let’s keep all the posts about this in the same place.

I’m sorry, but I have to break my hiatus from the forum for this.

Joseph Kony is a terrible man, who is doing terrible things, that is not in question, nor will it ever be. But the foundation sponsoring this video is not what it seems. In the past years, they HAVE indeed raised money for the children in Uganda, but of the money they raise more of it goes to their camera equipment than the children. These people are crooks, and nothing should be given to them. They spread propaganda around the internet in hopes that people will pay for their next edition of Adobe, which is not right. The video that they put out was meant to capture the hearts of Western Culture, and with their hearts comes their wallets. People think that the only way that they can support a cause is to throw money at it. By sharing a video, you are doing nothing but start a propaganda war that has no true ending. Please, for the love of all things sacred, stop. People seem to think that they can change the world by reposting things on Facebook, and that is what is wrong with this entire thing. You aren’t making a difference by spreading the video. You spread awareness, yes, but what will awareness do to stop the abduction of children in Uganda? Not a thing. It is in our human nature to want to help in any way we can, so people are naturally defensive about my stance on this, but you really aren’t helping at all. This sort of thing happens all the time and people never care, now somebody makes a video about it, and everybody is an activist. Should it really take a sappy video to force people to open their eyes?

RUF, PLF. Look them up. They do things just as, if not more heinous than anything that Joseph Kony has done, and nobody gives them a second glance. Maybe it’s because there isn’t a figure head to take down? Because us Americans sure do love to fight a fight when there is someone to take down, someone to blame. Because we can’t accept the fact that the world is bad, there is always someone causing it, I mean, there has to be, The world can’t just naturally be inclined to be bad! No. It really can. This happens everywhere, and has happened for hundreds, if not thousands of years. am I saying you are wrong to want to fight the fight? No. Do what you think is right. But the only way you will make a difference is if you go out there and do something. Get off of Facebook, get off of YYE, and do something.

Also, before you blindly follow, do some research. There is a very high possibility that Joseph Kony is already dead, which just goes to show that one person is never what is wrong with the world.


I think that there’s a mentality problem when it comes “saving” people. Instead of focusing on saving the children, the focus is on catching the bad guy. Defending children is more important than attacking the guy with child soldiers as his defense.

If you do feel like saving children with a bit of your money, there are options that don’t include gunfire.

I suggest you all watch this.


That guy is so freaking annoying. I can’t go 5 seconds into his videos.

“Hey everyone! a new bandwagon! better jump on!”

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Saw a comic about that three days ago.

That’s where I got it from :>

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I hated Kony before everyone else hated him. I’m such a hipster!

Also, If I’m not mistaken… It’s a hoax. Also, don’t trust your wikipedia.

The organization that started the movement (Invisible Children) takes 75% of your donations for it’s own good. The rest of the money (25%) is donated to the Ugandan Army to find this dude. The ugandan army themselves use child soldiers.

Watch where your money goes.

If we’re genuinely wanting to get rid of war lords, why go after the little guy? “Bush 2013” or “Obama 2014” would do a lot more good for the world than going after a crazy old man with a small army.

Its not a hoax… hes a genuinely bad dude that spent some time as the worlds most wanted man

Who’s band of goons has been disbanded in Uganda for years.

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