Please show me how to hubstack a Project

i need instructions in doing so…
i have “done” it… but not the proper way im guessing…
because the yoyo isnt locked on tight.

please post me a reply of instructions on how to do this please?..

thanks a bunch!!!

The easiest way to do this is to gut a PGM. If you have a stack PGM, you can just take out the axle and the stacks (one stack should come out with the axle) and put it in the Project. You have to remember those rubber bits though, they are kinda crucial.

Addment: You should check out the One Drop forums. There’s a lot of people there who have done this before.

Why would you want to?

Thats why companies make them the way they are.

Actually, the Project and Project 2 are made with One Drop’s hex nut design which is fully capable of taking hubstacks. One Drop made the Projects so they could take hubstacks.

I know they are. :slight_smile: Or, was that to him? ::slight_smile:

Both of you?

IDK, clearly you already explained it. ::slight_smile:

Oh well.

for fun.

i did all that… but my project had a little wobble and it would not securely tighten… i think its something with the hex and the rubber bits

I really wouldn’t try it, even though they can take stacks, it is risky. My friend snapped two Hex Nuts and stripped a PGM axle.

As long as you reassemble it correctly and don’t lose any of those rubber bits, it should work just fine. And if you mess up real bad, you could buy a new axle.