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Spoons are primarily used to transfer edibles from vessel to mouth, usually at a dining table. A spoon’s style is usually named after a drink or food with which they are most often used, the material with which they are composed, or a feature of their appearance or structure.
Spoonful of cereal
Absinthe spoon

Bouillon spoon — round-bowled, somewhat smaller than a soup spoon
Caviar spoon — usually made of mother of pearl, gold, animal horn or wood but not silver, which would affect the taste
Chinese spoon a type of soup spoon
Coffee spoon — small, for use with after-dinner coffee cups, (usually smaller than teaspoon)
Cutty — short, chiefly Scot and Irish
Demitasse spoon — diminutive, smaller than a teaspoon; for traditional coffee drinks in specialty cups and for spooning cappuccino froth
Dessert spoon — intermediate in size between a teaspoon and a tablespoon, used in eating dessert and sometimes soup or cereals
Egg spoon — for eating boiled eggs; with a shorter handle and bowl, a more pointed tip and often a more rounded bowl than a teaspoon
Grapefruit spoon or orange spoon — tapers to a sharp point or teeth, used for citrus fruits and melons
Horn spoon — a spoon made of horn, used chiefly interjectionally in the phrase By the Great Horn Spoon!, as in the children's novel of that title by Sid Fleischman
Ice cream fork — sometimes called a "spork", this implement has a bowl like a teaspoon with the point made into 3 stubby tines that dig easily into frozen ice cream
Iced tea spoon — with a very long handle
Marrow spoon or marrow scoop — 18th century, often of silver, with a long thin bowl suitable for removing marrow from a bone
Melon spoon; often silver, used for eating melon


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