Please help me!

I am a advanced yoyoer. After I start yoyo, I started to improve. And now I can’t never ever improve what’s the problem?

Don’t worry about it. Keep at it, you’ll progress again.

For me, I do some improvement, then I’m stuck for a while, then I can move forward gain.


The law of diminishing returns. The difficulty curve for every skill is ultimately exponential. Every time you improve it’s going to be that much harder to make the next leap because the gap in difficulty between each step becomes larger and larger.

I think what most people do around this point is start to shift their focus from always learning new tricks, which we all do as beginners, in favor of cultivating a personal style. Not that you can’t pick up a trick or two on the way but there’s a lot more to a freestyle performance than just checking off tricks. How you move between them is what really defines a player and discovering how you like to play is a process that never plateaus.

yeah, I think that everyone goes through this phase. just keep going and don’t worry about it. what I did to get through it, was just to pick a trick that I thought was way out of my skill range, then just spend the next week or 2 trying to learn it. you may surprise yourself.

We mustn’t underestimate the importance of improving our speed, fluidity and consistency. Do your favorite tricks thousands of times each until you can do them faster than ever, more fluidly and you can land them with 100% consistency. Don’t focus on getting faster, just focus on your precision and accuracy, and with repetition, your speed will naturally improve.

Hiroyuki Suzuki’s technical tricks aren’t necessarily that difficult each taken one step at a time. It’s his blinding speed and natural flow that makes him a world-class player. That’s just one for instance. Also, consistency means plenty. If you can’t do your best tricks consistently, then they aren’t really your best tricks at all.

Don’t worry about learning new tricks and concepts all the time. Just keep honing the ones you’ve got until they’re near perfect.

Practice is key in almost every case.
When it comes to improving I’d say don’t be afraid to be bold and try to be innovative. When it comes to learning a particular trick try these tips:

  1. Make it a weekly goal. Set aside a week to learn the trick and practice over and over again.
  2. Progressively learn the trick in steps. If its a multi-step trick, take it each step at a time. Get the first part of the trick so you can get it fluently each time. Then learn the second part and so on.
  3. Make sure to have strong throws every time. If your yoyo is dying out on you, you are not throwing it hard enough. Also make sure the yoyo is not tilting.
  4. Be patient with it. It really just boils down to practicing. If you find that you are getting frustrated with it, take a break and practice other tricks instead.
  5. Ask the forums about the specific trick you are learning.
  6. Pm me for help!

Most importantly have fun. I find that I learn faster and find new ways to do things when I’m having fun!
Hope this helps!