Please close

All reasonable offers will be considered. I have an upcoming rotator cuff surgery so I could use money more than yo-yos at the moment, however, below are some trades I would be hard pressed to pass up.

• Mk1 Brass Exia (black, Elliot Ding colorway)
• Mk1 Converge (preferably in a good color)
• YYR Overdrive Draupnir
• 2Sick Crusade (unknown or sneezy unicorn preferably)
• SF Statement
• SFxZipLine BMC
• PS5 Elite Controller
• Specialized Enduro Frame :mountain_biking_man:

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All items include shipping within CONUS unless otherwise noted. International shipping available for extra charge. PayPal (F&F or G&S—I’ll pay the fee) preferred, will also accept Apple Cash.

Most items include original box, I try to note when I don’t have it; please ask if it’s a deal breaker for you.

Few & Far Between Inception — $OLD

Mk1 Spyglass Darkmode — $OLD

Duncan Al Freehand — $30

It’s been dropped on carpet and hardwood, might have some hard to spot scuffs, no flat spots or anything like that, smooth as it ever was (pretty smooth actually). Includes both pictured counterweights.

Mike Monty Memento — $20

Near mint. Possibly some very light scuffs. B-grade I have no idea why :man_shrugging:

G2 AL7 Arbiter — $OLD

Edge Bundle — $OLD

Freshly Dirty Rooster — TRADED

BWC string — SOLD

Atmos Stormberry — SOLD

C3 7075 Galaxy Diver — SOLD

pdx-yo 7068 Batsquatch — SOLD

Arc1 Gemstones — SOLD

DD 50/50 (selling 1 of 2) — SOLD

OD Intro — SOLD

Mazel Top pink nylon string — SOLD



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Body seems unclear? I am proudly opaque…


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Bring Up My Post

I’m interested in the Batsquatch and the BWC string if still available.


If you make an inquiry, please do not ghost me. If you decide you’re not interested, please say so. Or if you are interested but need some time, I am willing to hold the item for you. Thanks.


I have a form of colorblindness. Is the freehand AL orange or red? Please confirm I just don’t want to get a pink one

The Freehand AL is pink.


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A complete sentence

BUMP — Bring Up My Post x7

Sweet Caroline
Bump bump bump x5



bring up my post x2

Serious inquiries only please. My time is money… :rofl: Ok that’s a lie, but if you can’t be bothered to respond to a DM, don’t send me one either.

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Done for now, please close.