Please Close. Would like to start new listing

Lots of stuff I need gone! Prices are shipped CONUS. Paypal f&f or pay the fees. PM me for more pictures or questions. I’m mainly looking to sell unless you have something on my wants list. Deals on multiples. Prices may be negotiable.

Want list: Japan Team Edition Statement, Snow Lzzard, Anomaly

Unprld Flashback - decided to keep, not for sale
Unprld Cognition - small scuffs and scratches - SOLD
2x B-grade YYF Wedges - $7 add on (Black hub SOLD)
Japan Technology Mirage - mint- SOLD
SF Cadence ES - small scratch on rim - SOLD
SF SStatement - mint - SOLD
YYF Edge - some scratches and scuffs - SOLD
B-grade YYF Marco - small nicks and scratches - $20
Duncan Haymaker X - small nicks and scratches - SOLD
Duncan Grasshopper GTX - small damage on rims - SOLD
2nd pic:
Sochi Normal Yellow x99 - SOLD
Kitty Tall Fat x25 - $4 add on
Kitty Tall Fat x40 - $7 add on
3rd pic:
One Drop Virtuoso - small scuffs on rim - SOLD
One Drop Kuntosh 5000 QV - mint - SOLD
Duncan Grasshopper X - small scuff on rim and some pinpricks - $40
Throw Revolution Zephyr 2 - mint - $60


Someone grab that SStatement! Im done buying new yoyos for a while but there are some great choices up there!

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Pm’d ya

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how much for both YYF wedges? and how do they play?

which is the bottom left black W/ silver fade?

Can you send me a closer picture of your Marco if it has not been sold?


bump, new stuff in 3rd pic



Bump Cognition sold

What color are the spikes side effects in that Kuntosh? Silver?

They’re actually orange. The lighting makes it pretty hard to tell.

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Bump Kuntosh Sold


:scream: :cry:



Bump Virtuoso sold

Is the Grasshoper GTX available?