Playstyles of certain yoyos


What are the playstyles of the dv888, the chief, and the cascade? What are some yoyos that exemplify a certain playstyle? (Playstyle=light and floaty/etc.?)

(major_seventh) #2

Dv888=kind of bland, maybe tech stuff due to the undersized and beefy rings.

Chief=Its floaty; good for chill yet also a nice freestyle throw.

Cascade= zippy, flowy; can be fast yet flowy as well.


How similar would they be in playstyle?


They all play a lot different from each other.


What are good “tests” of yoyos to determine what playstyle a yoyo would be?

(major_seventh) #6

As you get more experienced you just kinda get a feel based on how it plays.