Playmaxx Raw Fusion

Looking for a little help/guidance.

I have a Fusion, that I feel I’m at a crossroad with it. I have the Duncan Mod Z spacers but I am wondering if the bolt/nut caps can be removed and replaced with out damaging.

My wish is to make it enjoyable again.

If it is impossible to remove and replace the caps what do you think the cash/trade value is?

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Those caps do come off…they are compression fit.

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Thank you, I was worried once they were off they were off for good.

Will post pics when I get back home and modify it.

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There was a guy that did this many years ago with some spacers he made himself…


I’m looking forward to seeing how yours looks and hearing about how well it works out!


I’m happy to repurpose my Raw Fusion. Not sure if it is the Mod Z wide bearing or the ModZ spacers but there is a little vibe. Still I’m happy to play with it.

Now that I know how to take it apart, it is now on my bucket list to do my own ano for the first time. So I’m stoked about that.

Thanks for the help today.

For those who are old enough might get this. It deal feel a bit 6 million dollar man when I was putting this together. Putting in the spacers and the bearings I was thinking “we have the technology to make it better”


I wanna be like you when I grow up.

Modding has always been a pleasant dream of mine.

Nice job; there. :+1:



I have to go back outside to get a better picture of this. I was just out getting the mail and had it with me. The sun really made those blue ModZ spacers pop.

I thought I was playing with a YoYoJam Yo-Yo.

I have to start checking Walmart again looking for another ModZ. I had to take apart my modded Duncan Wheels apart to make this.


They’re really not a bad pick up for $10. I bought another earlier this month just so I could get another concave bearing lol :).


I think they would have to be far more older to remember the 6 Million Dollar Man.


Final episode date: March 6, 1978