Playing with binds for a bind battle

So this is really a just because video.  This is the second time I’ve video’s myself.  I was toying with the idea of doing a bind battle so I thought I’d just play with my camera and stuff to see how things turned out.

You’re a brave man and/or your sidestyle binds are more reliable than mine! I don’t trust any bind except standard front bind-- I rarely bind with them at the end of a trick, but I always throw a safety front bind between throws. I was watching you throwing a breakaway right after a bind and wincing. But as it turns out, no injuries! All smooth as butter!

That’s because I edit out the one that came around and knocked my hat off.  I’d say I’m at about 75-80% good binds at this point.  Most of the time I can tell by the sound if the bind is clean or has a knot hiding in the middle.

Hey since you saw my video from the old guys thread, here’s an outtake where you can see my improvements since then. Also a little bonus humor at the end.

Great video! Tutorial would be cool for us slow visual leaners :slight_smile:

And did you happen to film that on caturday?

A tutorial? That would be a first, but maybe I will give it a try.

My wife foster cats for the human society, so everyday is caturday around here. :wink:

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