Does anybody else just sitting around looking for binds?

So I’ve found lately I have spent my much of my yoyo time looking for ways to bind the yoyo back to my hand. When I find a new way to do it, I just practice that bind over and over. Am I the only one obsessed with binds?

Would anyone be interested in a bind battle?

Bind battle? Consisting only of binds?
This could be interesting…

Yeah would be a good way to see lots of different binds. Question is what would be the rules. One bind in one video. A set number of throws and binds with only movements needed to get to the bind. Haven’t really thought it out to much. Got any suggestions?

So, A regen and Bind video?
Or how about a 30 second long video, soley showcasing binds?

I have like 3 binds in my repertoire, so I’m not really up to compete, but I’d love to see this. I love the fancy binds.

Does allowing the string to wind onto the yoyo while in a finger spin count?

This might be very interesting.

I have this to offer for starters:

What about something like a “battle”, or an open show of new things we have found to get a yo-yo to come back up?

Let me know, this could be fun.


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Neither my repertoire nor my skills are that great, but it could still be fun. I was thinking of maybe one bind per video. You have to throw, go into the bind and then after the bind throw it again just to show that the bind wasn’t really a knot.

Could possibly do more than one per video, but it would be nice to keep the count small so everybody could compete. I only have 4 or 5 binds that I use and that includes the basic backspin bind. Part of the idea behind this is to see lots of different binds in small doses.

How about we each just make videos showcasing All of your binds?

Ill judge this will be AWESOME