Plastics for cheap cheap!! looking for Recessed FHZ!!

All are mint unless otherwise stated.

Top Row:
YYJ - Phenomizm - Clear - A few light dings, plays great - $25
YYJ Speedmaker - White - Siliconed side, plays killer - SOLD
YYJ Spinfaktor - Green - No Caps plays great - $20

Middle Row:

YYJ New Breed - Red - No Caps, old style hubs, plays well - $20
YYJ Trigger - Black - Plays great, a little vibe - $18 SOLD
YYJ Fever - Clear w/ Purple rims - Ano Wear on the inside, no caps, Vibes a bit - $10

Bottom Row:

YYJ Speeder 2 - Orange - A few dings, plays killer! looks great too! - $25
Rec Rev Reverbs - 2nd run mint! Selling as a set for $45SOLD

Siliconed recessed FHZ!

YoyoJoker - D-Strider!!

bump from the depths…

shallow graves

Ill buy the puffin email me

bump from the gallows

early graves

Episode VII