Cheap prices on Plastics for sell / trade. Will sell all for $55 shipped.


All prices include shipping Will discount if you buy two or more.

All prices are obo.

YYJ Plastics:

SFHG trans red one side has minor hub cracks can only be seen since its trans plastic. No caps. $20

LF half baby pink half black. No caps $10

Flying Squirrel clear painted caps cracked $5

TM green with white rings no caps $8

DragonFly trans blue won it at a contest just took it out of package to try it out. $5


Purple dyed one cap satined. Stock otherwise. $8

Pink dyed left in dye mix to long has a kinda stained surface takeshi pink caps Stock otherwise. $8

Clear painted FHZs:

One slightly statined with blue caps, body has a rainbow colored stripes with halo gold glitter. Stock otherwise. $10

Green and Yellow body has silver glitter and multi colored glitter stars, caps have a light sprink of gold halo glitter. Stock otherwise. $10

All glitter, black paint for fill between majority of the body has thick gold flakes, the rest has green and blue. Through the caps it’s pure sliver halo glitter with a little sprinkled on the caps. Stock otherwise. $10

Looking for:
Top tips
C13 one without gold
08 888s
California 2010
Big Deal
Ceramic kk Size C
Taka gold size A and C

the fhz that is rainbow i want
iwill pay up