YYJ Plastics For Sale/Trade

Feel free to make your own offers. Prices aren’t set in stone.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions/concerns/want more pics.
I am interested in: HSpin Cut, Anything OneDrop

Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/GG8bd

YYF 44- $? - No Damage. It has a very slight vibe which can only really be noticed when grinding.

YYJ Dark Magic 2- $30 - The rims are blackening but aren’t damaged. It has a moderate vibe. I thought the solid spin axle was supposed to make it smooth but it just never was. Also the caps got bent so I will ship it with the caps from my Legacy.

Duncan Freehands- These are the newer ones. I think they were released in 2013. I recessed and siliconed the blue one. I don’t know what I did but both vibrate pretty bad now. I would rather include these in another deal because of shipping expenses.

YYJ Kicksides- $25 for both- The blue one has some bubbles, which I think are a factory defect rather than damage, and the caps have a couple scratches. They vibrate some as expected.

YYJ Sunset Trajectory NXG- Minor scratches on rims and caps.

YYJ BigYo- Scratched up.

I also have some string and bearings. About 70 purple highlights and I don’t know how many but I have tons of homemade string. I will throw some in with every purchase.



Is the black one a zeekio anarchist?