Plastic yoyos that play at a competition level

Personally I’d put up a little fence and keep injection-molded plastics on one side, and plastics turned on a lathe on the other side.

As far as competition plastics go, I just had a breakthrough. The best is probably the Loop 2020.

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For 2A, most are plastic. Most 4A yoyos are plastic or delrin. 3A can be anything, and 1A can be anything.

Yeah, true! Did you mean 1/3/5a in your original post?

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I was referring to 1A.

Anyhow, here’s another candidate:

Plastic with a weight ring, but much cheaper than an iCEBERG.


Yoyorecreation New Diffusion. Best plastic I have played.


New diffusion is awesome, but still, after all this time, I’d go with the protostar. I can’t say enough good things about it, it’s so good. I even prefer it over the fingerspin north star which is a great yoyo itself. It is one I can say could absolutely qualify as a competition plastic without any ifs or buts.


Well I wouldn’t go that far. It was way ahead of its time for sure!

Yeah I know I speak highly of it but I completely mean it. Maybe it’s just me, but I have the utmost confidence in that yoyo. I hold it’s performance in higher regard than a lot of metals I own.
I feel like a lot of the hesitation for some people come from the fact that at the end of the day, it’s a translucent plastic yoyo, so it automatically gets docked points


I’m closing a deal on a Cabal tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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I’ve also highly praised the Protostar many times. It’s the best yoyo under $20 imo and it’s probably the only yoyo under $25-$30 I would feel comfortable using in competition. All of the other budget plastics lack the stability and spin time that $30+ metals have.

And don’t even talk about how it was released in 2009. For $35 it was wayyyy ahead of its time, no other yoyo could compete at that price for years after its release.

As for the topic, almost anything can be used at a competition level for an experienced pro but I don’t think any pure plastics that don’t incorporate metal weight rings are competition-ready like metal yoyos are.


I myself do not play at a competition level, so i cannot have a truly accurate opinion. To put that aside, i love the feel of my POM diffusion, it plays better for me than some metals i own.


#yyfnorthstar : Used to take the 2010 World Title by Jensen Kimmitt <3


#yyfreplaypro : Used to take the 2015 U.S. National Title by Gentry Stein <3


sOMEThING has been on my radar for quite awhile. The Crazy-D looks awesome!

Doesn’t its metal ring technically make it a hybrid? I only mention it because @codinghorror is keen to make that distinction very clear.


Well I did say no pure plastic is comparable competition wise to any decent metal yoyo

I would say the Wdge yoyo is the best plastic yoyo

I have owned both. I find the performance of the Diffusion superior to the Protostar and Northstar; even though they have weight rings. The Diffusion is the only plastic I still own. I do, however, own more than a few Delrin throws that I love to play. I particularly like the Japan Technology Origin.

This defies all logic, I know, but I’ve never played a delrin yo-yo that I’ve loved. I can’t really put my finger on what it is about them, and I’m certainly not saying they’re all bad (although some are not that great), but I just don’t mesh with them I guess

I think I know what you mean. Delrin has to be done right. Otherwise, it is just slow, ponderous and has marginal performance.
Try the JT Origin if you can. It is shaped much like the Northstar and Protostar; but unlike many Delrin it is relatively quick and has good spin-time and stability. The best I can say (ironically…) is that it plays much like a metal. I use mine at work where plastic is less threatening.
The other one I would recommend is the Yoyorecreation Golyat. It is essentially a Delrin Sleipnir. How can you possibly go wrong with that?