plastic whip combos?

i just put the 2hours in to learn plastic whip and get it down pretty good like sunday, and i was wondering if there were combo’s out of it. or if it’s just one of those “put into a combo or a fancy way to bind” tricks?

You can make up whatever trick you want. I don’t see plastic whip really being a mount for making tricks from. I don’t know of any combos from plastic whip to answer your original question though.

Eh… Gyroscopic Flop?

Not really though I frequently play around and put it in some weird places. For example Double Wrist Whip, String Reject, catch a Plastic whip, 2nd part of wormhole, 1 rep Zipper, Whip Bind.


I try juggling back and forth between a regular and a kind of backwards plastic whip rinse repeat, when you get going pretty fast it looks cool.


You can make things a little more flashy by popping an Eli Hop and instead of catching it normal catch it with a plastic whip. Bind with it at the end of a BT Combo.

It isn’t really a staple trick but more like something to throw in for some taste.

Just my $0.02, ymmv