Plastic Grind Machine Bearing

Would it be ok if i mod my pgm’s bearing to a Center Trac? ??? I mean wat will happen to it? ??? So far it’s

harder to bind for 5a, still better 2 play 1a with center trac pgm. ;D

No you can never ever ever do something so despicable!!!

Haha kidding. You can do what you want.

I have a PGM and ProtoStar myself and I switched the bearings to try it out.

I cannot bind at all with the Center Trac in my PGM for both 1A and 5A. The new bearing in the ProtoStar works like a charm though.

UPDATE: The Center Trac likes to stick to my PGM’s spacers a lot. (more than it does with the ProtoStar).

as in putting the center trac into the plastic grind machine? you could do that nothing bad would happen just the spacers might stick to it more. if your talking in modding a spec bearing in some way to create a center trac that would be pretty hard and it probobly would not work. there is a chance it would work but you might end up crushing the insides of the bearing. please be more specific in what your doing because it seems when you say mod you are fully moddifing the bearing. switching bearings is not moddifying it really.

Center-Trac won’t hurt it. It will play also really nice with a Center-Trac. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s up to you though. :wink: