This is essentially what I would have used for Round 2 of the CLYW Video Contest. In other words, this was Plan B. Make a video anyway. LOL.

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P.S. This is 700th post and I am officially 11 months in!

EDIT: Just wanted to say that the raw file I uploaded was pretty much perfectly on time with the music…but when I watched the video on YouTube, it was like a tenth or so of a second off, LOL.

That’s a really sweet video bro. I enjoy watching all of the videos you’ve been throwin’ out recently :smiley:

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Same as him. You have been progressing really fast. I love your new combos.

The tricks were great, the video was good (only a little dark). Keep making them.

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Thanks dude! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my stuff!

BTW, I see what you did there…LOL.

Thanks to all that man!

I honestly didn’t think it was too dark…I kind of liked the lighting, LOL.

I certainly try to keep this up…hopefully I’ll be be able to do a one year video in a month.

Duuuuude you’re seriously getting on my top 5 list of throwers that was stellar! Glad to see that you’re having fun with those grind tricks.

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Dang only 11 months :o. Good job those tricks were pretty sweet

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Thanks a ton dude! That honestly means a lot coming from someone as good as you.

Yup, diggin them grind tricks, LOL.

Thank you!



Just trying to get an embed version of it-

Nice. I liked that grind trick at the end.

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Thanks a lot man!

Going for 100 views! At that point I’ll quit bumping this.