Picture tricks-- fun when responsive!

So I have put off learning classic picture tricks forever. My only one was a tilted tower from hopping to the back string of a D-o-N. As part of the Fixed Axle February video contest I decided to learn some of’em (classic tower, Jamaican Flag… might still get around to filming one-handed star).

These tricks become pretty fun when you’re doing them on a highly-responsive fixie! You need to get’em done before your spin dies down, but you still have to be careful to not accidentally tug.

With these two simple tricks, I’ve gotten an assortment of rapped knuckes. :wink: But it makes me grin to see how fast and smooth I can put the picture together and then still have enough of a straight strong sleeper for an easy return to the hand.

All that to say: who knew such fun could be had in the simple things?

I don’t have a fixed axle, but I have a YYF Fast 201. I know what you mean.

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Picture tricks can indeed be fun. I find that one of the greatest benefits is that it forms an immediate connection with non yoyoers and brings a smile. Kids love picture tricks like mouse and scissors.

I’m glad you found your way back to the basic picture trick and even happier that you are enjoying it.

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I started with picture tricks on a Duncan imperial. I know what it is to hurry up to get the pic formed before spin dies… Or even 2 if your up for a challenge! Haha

It’s funny that with one of my “regular” throws I can do ALL the pic tricks I know and still throw in a pop n fresh and a ripcord or something at the end! Lol

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