PICS ADDED! FT Mint 3yo3 Grind King

I’ve got a mint 3yo3 grind king with tin, that I got from Landon. This yoyo is incredibly smooth for being machined from Teflon, and is the smoothest plastic yoyo I have ever played, Landon clearly produces the BEST plastics. This yoyo is fully capable of 8 second finger grinds!

I am looking for a mint General-Yo Ministar, ILYY St.Eel, Turning Point Tarasqus, Turning Point Minimum-bet, or a CLYW Campfire. Also looking for Hicco yoyos
Thanks For Looking,

Thanks for getting the pics up.

BuMp, really looking for a mini star, or a Campfire. Just offer

Bring me some mini yoyos!