Phidias by PDX - Beautiful new slimline!

PDX-YO has something new and it is stunning example of design aesthetics. Introducing the Phidias.


Continuing the visual language developed on The Batsquatch, The Phidias features deeply engraved rings describing a fibonacci sequence on its flat cup. The Phidias is designed around the golden ratio (or golden mean). PDX-YO strived to influence all of The Phidias’ dimensions with golden ratios and fibonacci numbers. Its profile in particular is a golden ratio of width and diameter. We gave it one throw in Seattle and it all made sense! This is a masterpiece.

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This slimline design makes it a true everyday carry pocket friendly yoyo! And being overall narrow it is also the perfect yoyo to practice perfecting control as landing the yoyo takes practice and precision (but this is built to be completely unresponsive for advanced play).

All Phidias have been tested as A grade for performance, however due to challenges during the process on the 7075 Aluminum certain colorways have cosmetic streaking ano flaws present on the rims. These colorways are offered at a discounted $55.



That looks the Bizness!

Very interesting…

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Looks super good! However, the specs differ from the description, and state 6061 aluminum. So these are all 7075 or what?

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7075! Hmm. Looks like something got over written - fixing that now! :joy:

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If anyone doesn’t know what the Fibonacci effect is, it’s basically a mathematical pattern inside of plant flowers. I dont remember the exact sequence, but it’s actually a really cool phenomenon.


Thanks, and sold! :+1:

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It’s a numerical sequence where each number is the sum of the two previous:
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…

The ratio between consecutive numbers is close to the golden ratio, also called Phi, thus the name!


I ordered the belladonna color way of the Phidias and now none of the splash colorways are even an option and all the pictures are gone… what’s going on @YoYoExpert ??

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You got the sneak peek! There was a part 2 release that we had crossed communication lines on - so they are coming soon (if you snagged it early its shipping though so no worries!)


Heck yeah, I’m cool with getting an pre release colorway haha

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Do you have any images to give us an idea of what the ano flaws look like?


I’m taking the lack of a response as a no :frowning:

For a yoyo that’s all about the way it looks, this seems pretty important to me. The flaws are bad enough that you needed to discount the prices…it’s kinda tough to want to make a purchase without any idea of what the flaws look like IMHO.

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Not the manufacturer but my chive green is coming on Saturday, I’ll post a pic when it’s here!

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Would appreciate it! :smiley: Would love your thoughts on how it plays as well!

Sorry @twitch77, missed this message earlier. I didn’t even notice any ano flaws when taking pictures, but after closer inspection I think this is what they’re talking about:

Some spots in the cup and a little streaking on the rims. Not overly noticeable unless you’re looking for them IMO.


Thats hardly anything. The fact its discounted just for that is awesome. Its a beautiful design too


I got the Belladonna colorway.

I am not speaking from a high level performance viewpoint. Because I am not a high level player. But my view comes from a few decades of throwing around hundreds of yoyos. I just get a general comparative ‘feel’ for the yoyos.

And I enjoy comparing yoyos based on their different shapes and weights and sizes, etc.

And then comparing the top yoyos within a certain shape… to the top yoyos in another shape.

The Phidias falls into the Sb2 and Deep State shape category(closer than to other shapes), etc.

If you glance at the shape without looking directly into the gap. The yo-yo has no real ‘original’ look. It almost looks like it would be a metal looping yo-yo.

It when you look into the gap, you see that ramped up ledge towards the response area.
Personally I am not sure why that stepped area ‘works’? But it does.

Mine is dead smooth. Has a lot of punch(powerful feel on the string). It’s very stable. Very directional. Yet it doesn’t feel heavy on the string. The Phidias shape lends to a powerful and smooth throw down. And it has a good feel on the catch(very friendly rim shape).

Because the step gives a low wall effect. Minor shifts in hand angles don’t make serious changes in yoyo plane changes like high wall yoyos do. The Phidias stays in plane very well and spins long.

It is very unresponsive because of the minimum drag obtained through the shape. Yet comes back with authority with a simple bind that works superb with those built in steps. Very interesting engineering.

A very excellent yo-yo within the general shape. A very excellent yo-yo for the money.
A very excellent first impression that did not fade at all even once I got to the second impression stage. > with one small exception.

Those ‘step ups’ creat a small ‘ledge’. As you move through trick segments. You can actually feel the string hitting the edges of those projected . As the string hits those projections, you can feel a ‘click’. It doesn’t happen every second. But you will know exactly what I meant. Because most yoyos do not have that effect.

Another yo-yo that does that is the Bite Size yoyo. It has the Click effect also.

I personally don’t care for the clicking feel of the string deflecting off the ledge.

But the performance of the yo-yo more than offsets that minor carping. It is just an unavoidable side effect of the wall Configuration.

Amazingly good yo-yo. Surprised the heck outta me.

Mentally, I had a preconceived idea to not expect much beyond a certain play level. Simply based on what doesn’t seem to be any kind of Superman shape, etc…

What a pleasant surprise to guess so incorrectly. Looks are deceiving at times.


Can you post a pic of the belladonna? Mines on the way, I’m just so excited to see these colors in A different light🤤

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Sure… here ya go>

image image

image image

Sorry all the images are a little out of focus. My phone just didn’t seem to like the BRIGHT sunlight today. It kept searching for focus like a regular camera.

I will take better images later today. I also loaded them at the ‘small image’ option. Because if I choose full size, it takes fo-eva to load.


Thank you so much @YoYoExpertGarrett for taking the time and photos!