PGM turned Tug Responsive

So i got my PGM as a Christmas present and it was great!! unresponsive right out of the box. But yesterday I notice it wouldn’t bind anymore so i took out the worn out pads and decided to put some silicone instead of buying new pads. so i took out the bearing and spacers, put the silicone in, and then i let it cure over night. this morning i put it back together and it was great still unresponsive but then i didnt use until late in the afternoon and when i was in mid trick i comes flying back to my knuckles at full speed!! I wind it up and throw it, give it a tug… it comes back… i already cleaned the bearing and its running dry with no lube in and its still tug responsive!!! what’s going on >:( !!

Dude i put silicone in my PGM and found it dosnt work :frowning: But i think you should clean out all the silicone you can and chuck a new set of pads in then hopefully it will be ok. Thats what i did then it was an awsome player again :smiley:

Just play with it some, I had the same conflict a few times. Just let the string wear down the sili and it’ll become unresponsive.

yea i played it until the string broke in the silicone. its unresponsive again ;D Topic locked