Make a PGM responsive

Would you take off the stickers an silicone the recesses flush or higher or stickers this thing binds well only after three wraps around the axle. I knew it was going to be hard to bind but enough is enough I need some response. ???

PGMs are meant to be dead unresponsive. My pgm binds well stock ??? If you need response, you can remove the spacers on the bearing, then thick lube the bearing.

removing the spacers would not be a good idea as then the gap will be way to small to do anything.

your best bet is to just add some lube to the bearing to make it a bit more responsive, thats what i do to one of my PGMs when im doing 3a.

I guess I was warned now I have it I wish it played like my DM

You use PGM’s for 3A?!? If you are going to use it for any other division other than 1A, you should do 5A. They’re not meant for 3A.

They’re not “not” meant for 3a. There is no rule saying you can’t do 3a with PGM’s. Also, I think Sumna knows what he is talking about ;D He’s been in the community for a long time…

I have no interest other than 1a at this time

I know. But the size of the PGM is a little big and it doesn’t really have long spin times because of the hubstacks and the spec bearing. Its something wrong with the yoyo design. I’m sure you will say thats not true, but yours might be in better condition that others.

I’m not sure about you, but I can definitely get more spin time with my PGM then a lot of other yoyos. I can get almost 3 minutes with the hubstacks alone.

Also, can you elaborate whats wrong with the design? I don’t really understand whats wrong with it.

Additionally, the SPEC bearing does NOT decrease spin time. Its a bearing upgrade, and actually increases spin time.

I can honestly get at least 20 people to argue with you there…

Oh, I know.

i mainly do 3a with my PGMs cuz it is the only plastic i have 2 of and i dont dare do 3a with my metals =P also i do use my PGMs for 5a, they are my main 5a players.

also it is a great yoyo, it is by far my favorite plastic.

Oh darn, forgot to add that you have to put the spacers back on ;D

Hate to agree with him but I too think the walls are too high. But other than that its a total steal for only 20 bucks.

im with samad on this one

get some thick lube… you can buy it here at yoyoexperyt for only $4 :stuck_out_tongue:

ps why would you want to make your pmg responcive? My pmg binds slightly better than any yoyojam yoyo and i think has one of the bestest responce evur. :o (no offence yoyjam, your yoyos respond great, and the new ones with silicone respond just as good as the k pad on my pmg.) :slight_smile:

I don’t know but the kpads on my pgm or just my pgm will not bind . I wanted to know if a thin layer or silicone would give it just a little response with out slowing it down and I do mean just a little. My DM binds just fine and maybe even better with those silicone pads I just saw to replace the O ring?

Oddly enough, with my PGM it actually became more responsive to binds after around 8 full hours of play. Originally I had to make between 2 and 3 wraps to get it back. Now I’m fine with just one, and it’s still dead unresponsive to anything else. I wonder if it has to do with wearing down the slightly raised bumps that come on the rubber k-pads. Did anyone else have this experience?

Hey I like that answer I guess it’s just to get it to bind enough times.

Tip: If you want tighter binds, change your string more often.

I jumped too early when I got my Silk because of the loose binds because of an old string, so I thick lubed it and it overly responsive. So the fresher the string, the better the bind.