PGM Off Balance?

Okay, so I just checked my mail and my new PGM arrive,yay! After a few throws and some of the intermediate tricks i can do, noticed it seems off balance, almost enough to through the yoyo off completely…so yeah, any options of helpfulness here? Rather not take it apart and in end screwing it over more so than it seems it already is really.

are you talking about it rotating when it is at the bottom of the string? if, it’s your throw. The string isn’t centered. It’s not a big deal, though, if it doesn’t affect tricks.

I can have it dead and at the bottom of the string, and it’s off even then, but if it’s nothing to worry about, then okay. Thanks

You need to throw straighter, thats all. Keep praticing. :slight_smile:

thats still because the string isnt centered on the bearing. It won’t affect tricks, though, so it’s okay. :wink:

Clarify “off balance”. Do you mean it tips a bit, or does it wobble?

If it tips a bit, it’s no doubt your throw isn’t straight. To fix, do a throw down and note what way the yoyo tips. On the next throw, slightly twist your wrist the opposite direction. Do another throw down. adjust as needed.

If it’s a wobble, tune the yoyo by rotating the halves with respect to each other. Use a marker to mark the position of the nut and bolt head in the hex hole. Take the yoyo apart leaving the nut in it’s hole. Remove the axle and rotate it so the mark on the bolt head moves one position to the next position around the hole. Screw the yoyo back together and throw it. If it still wobbles rotate the head to the next position. Throw again and adjust accordingly if needed (or not).

It was both really, and thanks, that cleared everything up actually. Works as good as I would think it should anyways, being intermediate and such.