Petr Kavka Chief only $115, Supernova $60, Sony DJ Headphones!

Petr Kavka Chief has a flat spot, shown in the following picture:

For Sale Only, US Only, Paypal only. PM me if interested.

Petr Kavka Chief: $115 Shipped

Sony MDR-v700 Studio Monitor Headphones. Extremely light use, very clean, some nicks from yoyoing with them on, none are even scratches that I can feel, just the silver coating scraped off some.

Sony MDR-V700 Studio Monitor Headphones: $75 Shipped

2012 YoYoFactory Supernova, biggest damage shown in pic, but it also has lots of pinpricks on it that are too small to capture and hardly noticeable.

2012 Supernova: $60 Shipped

Everything Comes with the Box, Papers for the Headphones, multitool for the Supernova, etc.

Bump, super great price added.

Didn’t the price used to be 145???

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Asking $20 above retail for a nonmint yoyo

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The price was 145, and no one was interested. Putting a higher asking price makes the 145 look a lot more attractive so it’s a gimmick to get a buyer.

These retailed for $165, and it is a very rare yoyo, so despite the minor blemish I am asking retail, this is nothing new to BST, it is just something you have to accept and not get upset about.

Ok, now I get your idea. I was just confused.

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Bump, new items added!

Bump! Haven’t gotten a single offer! ???